Rural Guilderland Referral Committee

This committee shall review all referrals and provide a review summary and recommendation(s) to the Town of Guilderland referring board for their review and approval as outlined in the Law as summarized below:

Under Local Law No. 6 of the year 2005, the Town of Guilderland enacted a law referring to the Village of Altamont any application for: 

  • Special Use Permit
  • Site Plan
  • Use or Area Variance
  • Zone Changes
  • Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan

If these actions apply to real property within 1200 ft of the boundary of the Village of Altamont; or 1200 ft from the current and future Village of Altamont water system.

The Village Board is required to submit its recommendations to the appropriate Board in the Town of Guilderland within 30 days of receiving request. The recommendations must be followed, unless overturned by a supermajority vote. (For a complete description of this law, please see the Guilderland Referral Law link above)

Board Members

Name Title
Kerry Dineen Chair
Deborah Hext Chairperson of the Planning Board
John Scally Village Trustee
Danny Ramirez Chairperson of the Zoning Board of Appeals
J. Lance Moore Building/Zoning Admin
Jeffrey Moller Superintendent of Public Works
Ginger Hannah Administrative Assistant
Leanne Royer Citizen Representative