Property Tax Information

Village Property Taxes are billed on June 1 of each year and due without penalty by June 30. 

As per New York State Real Property Tax Law, the Tax Receiver may not accept partial payments of taxes levied against a particular parcel.

Timely payments of property taxes is the responsibilitiy of the property owner.

As per New York State Real Property Tax Law, failure to receive a tax bill "shall not in any way affect the vailidity of the taxes or interest".

Escrow Accounts:

If you have an escrow account, and received your tax bill, please forward the bill to your mortgage holder as soon as possible. If you no longer are affiliated with an escrow account, please contact this office to receive a tax bill.

Sold Property:

If you have received a tax bill and no longer own the property, you can either forward it to the new owner(s) or return it to the Tax Office with the new owner(s) name as soon as possible with OPEN IMMEDIATELY on the envelope.

Tax Exemptions:

Applications for veteran, disability, senior citizen or STAR are due by March 1. For further information, please call the Guilderland Town Assessor at (518) 356-1980.

Third Party Notification:

Third party notification forms for property owners who are disabled or 65 years of age or older are available in the Receiver’s Office. The property owner may designate an adult consenting third party to receive duplicate copies of tax bills and notices of unpaid taxes.

Unpaid Prior Taxes:

Village Property Taxes not paid by November 1st are relevied to Albany County. All payment of the arrears should be made to:

Albany County Department of Finance
112 State Street
Room 800
Albany, NY 12207

Call (518) 447-7082 to determine the amount in arrears. Continued failure to pay all of the taxes levied against the property will result in your loss of the property.