Forms & Applications

Applications for Special Use Permits, Variances, Lot Line Amendments, Change of Zoning and Sign Permits MUST include the following:

Applications must include 15 copies of:

  1. Application form
  2. Short or Long Environmental Assessment Form
  3. Legal description of property
  4. Plot Plan containing the following information:
    1. A arrow indicating NORTH.
    2. Accurate measurements.
    3. The parcel boundaries and the owners of all contiquous properties.
    4. The zoning classifications of all contiguous properties.
    5. All streets, either mapped or built, adjacent to the tract.
    6. All existing structures on the parcel.
    7. All watercourses and other significant physical features on the parcel.
  5. Narrative description of request.
  6. If leased property, a statement from the property owner, acknowledging the proposed use.
  7. Fee to be paid at time of submittal.

Subdivision Form and SEQRA Long Form available under Boards and Committees/Planning Board.

The Village Zoning Laws and Subdivision Regulations can be found within the Village Code.

Digital Tax Map of the Village of Altamont are available by clicking here.